First of all, you can go to the London eye and go into 1 of the capsules consequently you can see the excellent view that it presents. It’s in addition known as the millennium wheel and was opened on thirty first of December 1999, it is located on the south bank of the river Thames. The Ferris wheel is one hundred thirty five metres tall and cost £70 million to build. The London eye has thirty two individual capsules and each capsule can fit a maximum of twenty five citizens at once. There’s also Buckingham palace which you can visit, if you visit here during the summer then you can set out on a tour of the state rooms and observe the changing of the guards. Though, if this doesnt interest you and you’d rather do something that is entertaining but also historic, you should consider going to visit the London dungeons. Using twenty fantastic actors they recreate live performances of historical events from over the history decades; some of these can be a bit gruesome You can get close up ups with characters such as Jack the ripper along with Sweeney Todd. One of the themed rides you may get to go on is the Tyrant boat ride, as well you possibly get to go on a trip to the torture chamber. Also, you may get to see the consequences that would have happened if guy Fawkes was able to succeed. This is recommended for those 12 years old and above, those who are less than sixteen years have to be accompanied by an adult, over the age of eighteen years old, with them.

There are so many different wonderful, high quality hotels for you to look at staying at, one of these would have to be the Charlotte House Hotel in Lincoln  and Four Seasons Hotel. The ideal thing about this hotel is that its aesthetically pleasant together inside and out. Each season they decide a suite to be the suite of the season, which means evryone will want to lodge in it, presently the suite of the season is ‘The Blue’, separately from this suite there are various different rooms and suites to decide from. When it comes to rooms that you can settle within they have more than 200 ones accessible overall, this is because they contain 193 guest rooms and 46 suites. Upon request the hotel possibly happily offer you with equipment like as sofa beds and cribs, for if you need extra space or have a young child with you. They also offer a huge list of different facilities and services as well as salon services, baby sitting services, a play station, wifi, a refrigerated private bar and so much more. With this hotel the check in is 3pm in addition to check out is 12pm. Then, there’s the outstanding Corinthia Hotel, that is in the best place as it is close to all of the well-liked sights Reviews for this hotel say they had been offered with a great service, the staffs were welcoming, the rooms were fantastic and they would certainly recommend this hotel to someone else. This hotel even has it’s own spa which provides some amazing treatments such as a detoxifying body cleanse and a dosha specific ritual.